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By Ferdinand Oreas in AUE batch '87 · Edit Doc · Delete

For the silence of the rest of the organizers, I again assume the responsibility of bringing before the rest of the alumni matters resolved in the post evaluation meeting held 14 May 2011 at Shakeys Caloocan. To those who may already been grinning for the seeming bombardment of my posts, my apologies and sincerest appeal to bear with the facts and information I present more than with me personally.

For everyone's information, last in the itinerary of said meeting was my motion for the DISSOLUTION OF THE ORGANIZING GROUP. As explained, the mandate of the group is obtained for the primary purpose of initiating the homecoming event. With the objective already fully accomplished, I personally felt the group has no more business being organized in the name of the alumni particularly with so many issues and questions of incompetency and flaws in the performance of our mandate. Without a single objection, my motion was carried and voted unanimously (kahiyaan na din kung may isa pang mag-oobject). The minutes of the meeting (na kailangan ko pang hilingin bago naalala'ng meeting pala yun at dapat may minutes) was recorded by Ma'am Flordeliza Caluya ('85). Hence, as of 14 May 2011, the organizing group of the homecoming was already officially DISSOLVED.

This article is a republication of the original which was first posted in the AUE Malabon Exclusive page of Facebook on 14 May 2011. Republication in this site is only in the connectionn with the compilation effort to collect in one space all published blog articles of this author/writer/contributor. Content topic of the blog post has no present relevance as intent of its republication does not consider topic content as requisite. -- F OREAS

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