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  • If you are new to wikis, check out Help:Contents.

Adding content
  • Be sure to check out Template guidelines before adding templates. Maybe make them subpages of your user page first.
  • When template names clash, either choose a new name, or - if the topics match - try merging the two into something even better!

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Welcome to the Wikia Templates wiki. Its purpose is to collate templates from across Wikia and the web, and present them in an easy-to-access and easy-to-copy environment.

We want to make it easy to quickly build up a library of useful templates for any wiki to use and customize for their own purposes. The best and most useful templates will be included on the Wikia starter kit for future wikis to benefit from. (That wiki already has over 60 templates; have you checked it lately?)

If you would like to help out, please do!

Search for templates!



This template makes it easy to create custom infoboxes for almost any situation. It is also a good basis for creating other infoboxes.

You can find out more about infoboxes on Help:Infobox.


Specialized infobox for biological classification. Based on the Wikipedia one, simplified; maybe needs better documentation - you could help.


A fairly generic welcome template for new users.
This is used at the top of pages for simple disambiguations.