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INTER-DIWA MEMO: MY COMMENT on Yahoo log-in envitational caption/ad


Dear Guys,

I note below the herein subject of my commentary and reminder:

There's a new master of the digital Universe. YOU.

Welcome to the new, more personal than ever Yahoo:

1. add whatever sites you love to the new Yahoo! homepage 2 Connect, do, share more with yahoo mail 3. do more with results you find on yahoo search 4. Take your favorite things on-the-go with your mobile

COMMENTARY: Please consider checking reevaluating SQ-ANCHOR-STATE (see link for msening) of item 3 of enumeration particularly the 2nd word which is obviously an ALPHA MOBILE PORT. Please minimize VISUAL METACOM particularly in public domains. If unavoidable (which is not the case in the above), dont commit error of VISUAL METACOM on mere obvious grammatical inconsistency. Policy on the matter may not as strict but values of DISCIPLINE AND RESPONSIBILITY are distinct PROFILING CHARACTER of membership to our community as SELF RESTRAINT is a more imposing law than any written guidelines or policies. WE DO THE RIGHT THING NOT BECAUSE WE ARE REQUIRED BY LAWS TO DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY BUT MORE SIGNIFICANTLY BECAUSE IT IS OUR PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO BE CORRECT TO THE BEST WE CAN. NOT BY LAW BUT BY WANT. WE SIMPLY WANT TO BE PROPER NOT BECAUSE WE ARE TOLD TO ACT AS PROPER.

Please qualify this a concerned reminder more than a reproof.

Have a pleasant evening.

MABUHAY! 18:21, Abril 4, 2012 (UTC)