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Standard Rules and Policy for Generally Accepted Implements and Application of Nomenclature Authority[]

Pursuant to Statutory Construction requisites on formalities on official adoption and acknowledgment, the following Rules and Policy is hereby enacted and promulgated for strict general implementation on the widest possible, all encompassing, universal transcendence.

Rule 1


SECTION 1. Title of the Statute. This Statute shall be known and cited as the Standar Rules and Policy for Generally Accepted Implements and Application of Nomenclature Authorityof 2012.

SECTION 2. Application. Without exemption or reservation, this Statute shall be adopted as the official governing Rules and Policy in the performance and implementation of the Universal Nomenclature Authority. That unless otherwise provided by a similar legislative enactment not inconsistent with this Rules or otherwise an amendment or supplatory provision to this Statute, no construction of any perceivable elements, symbols or codes whether of those existing or yet to exist a-posterio et –priori this Statute as to have any force and effect whatsoever as shall not in any manner or form achieve any perceivable cognition by any state or level of any and all sensible consciousness.

SECTION 3. Retroactive scope. Pursuance to Statutory object and intent, universal transcendence in consistent implementation of this Rules shall be achieved through the retroactive application and effectivity of the provisions of this Statute. Of existing languages and dialects whether of human or electronic, only those that shall be valuated as not inconsistent with this Rules shall be adopted in legitimacy where acknowledgement and recognition in order be valid need certainly be express and official otherwise existence shall be categorized de-facto as not to have any force and effect as those be acknowledged and recognized.

SECTION 4. Legitimate recognition. That forming as integral part in the enactment and promulgation of this Rules is the formal recognition and acknowledgment of the Official Registry of Recognized ElementOs which are in the forms and/or contexts of TerminO and Vocabularyo. In express identification the Registry herein known and shall hereinafter be cited as The DictionaryO which shall otherwise be called:

(1) Talatinigan;

(2) Talasalitaan; and, or,

(3) Talatitikan.

To be afforded with the same importance of recognition in legitimate adoption are those non-mater elementOs or entities which may be non-present and which may be in the form mental or ideal are those that embody or otherwise engenders a particularly identifiable entity which value (nature, significant, purpose, etc., of existence) of classification and characterizations are as can be ascertained in actuality..

Rule 1


(writing in continuing progress)

7 March 2012